Software Support


Have you ever needed something done only to find out that the person that is on vacation this week is the only one that knows how to do it? We write custom documents for our customers detailing step-by-step instructions on processes and procedures for your business.  Don't let your business suffer from a specific employee not being available at a specific time.  Get the "How to's" documented.  It's even better than cross-training!


Installation & Configuration

We can help your business by deploying the software your business needs.  We can configure it as needed, working with the vendor if needed, to customize the configuration to your company.  Some programs simply require one or two settings, while others require a lot of setup specific to your company, for example, accounting periods and other business rules that need to be applied to the software.  We're happy to help with these projects!



We can train users one-on-one or in groups.  We can train you to use common software products like MS Excel, Word, Outlook, etc. or more industry specific software with custom written training manuals.  Don't miss this critical final step in any software implementation - training the user!




Be sure to get the most out of your software investment by keeping it current with the latest vendor service packs, patches, and other available upgrades. Often the vendor has fixed issues in these releases as well as included change requests that offer new features and functionality requested by the user base.  Sometimes, with certain software products, you might get the benefit of an added feature that was paid for by another user (customer) of that particular software program.  Last but not least, vulnerabilities are secured in patches and service packs as well, so you'll want to keep your software safe from intrusion and/or viruses. We have experience with far too many software products to list, but here are some software vendors and products to give you some idea of our experience in maintaining software:

  • PDI (Professional Datasolutions, Inc. - C-Store Suites)
  • Pinnacle (The Pinnacle Corporation - C-Store Suites)
  • FrontRange (Heat & Goldmine)
  • Microsoft - Exchange
  • Microsoft - SQL Server
  • Microsoft - SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft - Operating Systems (Servers & Workstations)
  • Microsoft - Office Suites, Productivity Software
  • Microsoft - Many more...
  • CAD & Architectural Software
  • Various Payroll Programs
  • Various Tax & Accounting Programs
  • Intuit (QuickBooks, MasterBuilder)
  • DDMS (Distribution Software)
  • SoftDent (Dental Office Software)
  • Symantec Products
  • Adobe Products
  • Open Source Products


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