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Protect your company from theft, vandalism, and other liabilities with digital security systems.  We can provide complete systems as well as replacement cameras and/or other parts.  We also do the installations and user training.


Strategic placement of cameras, recorders, and/or other equipment (including cable) is key when it comes to security systems.  We run security system cable as well as data/voice cable.  We do complete installations while consulting you and insuring that any concerns are addressed. Let us make this painless for you today!


With one of our many service plans available, we can check your system on a regular schedule and address any issues to insure that you have the continued protection the system provides.  We can supply and install replacement parts, or train/retrain new or existing employees.  Whatever the need is, we can help you maintain a consistent level of security.


As your business changes, so must your security system.  Keeping an eye on product as the warehouse is rearranged, monitoring new areas of traffic or expansion(s) of the business itself.  Likewise, as budgeting permits, you may want to upgrade the quality of specific cameras or install a larger hard drive and reconfigure quality and/or retention settings.  We can also include these items in a service plan covering maintenance.

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