Access Control Systems

Access Control made easy.  Install one eIDC controller locally at each door and connect it to the nearest Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch with a single Cat-5/6 cable.  This keeps the wiring for all the door hardware (readers, REX's, sensors, locking hardware, etc.) short, reducing cost and making it easier to diagnose wiring issues.  With the eIDC, the PoE switch not only powers the controller but also supplies an industry leading 750mA of power budget for the door hardware.


GPS Tracking

Our GAT Pro GPS Tracking device is great for tracking equipment, vehicles, or just about anything you want to keep track of. It can send you text messages daily with Google map links to show you where it is, or alternatively, you can subscribe to website tracking that maintains more frequent positioning.  Either option will keep you informed of where your equipment is at all times.


FortiVoice Business Phone Systems

FortiVoice phone systems and phones deliver intelligent call handling in a simple, affordable and user-friendly package.  FortiVoice products are easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use, and come complete with everything a business needs  to handle calls professionally, control costs and stay connected everywhere.


Security Systems

Protect your company from theft, vandalism, and other liabilities with digital security systems. We can provide complete systems as well as replacement cameras and/or other parts. We also do the installations and user training.

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