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First, what is web-based software anyway?  Web-based software is software you use over the internet with a web browser.  You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades.  If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail then you’ve already used web-based software before. And why is it better for my business?  When you use web-based software you don’t have to worry about anything... + read more
PLEASE NOTE: There are reports that Joomla! is also being attacked. At the end of last week it emerged that Wordpress passwords are being brute forced by a network of almost 100,000 bots. The assumption is that attackers are attempting to build a new and more powerful DDoS botnet. Wordpress users are urged to ensure they have a strong password. Matthew Prince, writing in the CloudFlare blog, warned, “There is currently a significant attack being launched at a large number of... + read more
Internet users around the globe are facing slowed-down service, thanks to what's being called the biggest cyberattack in history. The prolonged denial-of-service assault is targeting The Spamhaus Project, a European spam-fighting group that has gone after CyberBunker, a data-storage company that offers to host any content "except child porn and anything related to terrorism."   The organization has been in a long-running feud with CyberBunker and claims spammers... + read more
Stuxnet Cyberwar
Experts are saying that the next major war will be fought on the internet using malware like Stuxnet.  Stuxnet is a computer worm discovered in June 2010 that is believed to have been created to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.  The worm initially spreads via Microsoft Windows and targets Siemens Industrial software and equipment.  While it is not the first time that hackers have targeted industrial systems, it is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts... + read more
Everything can be lost in the blink of an eye with a quick and simple, momentary loss of power.  Even with data back-ups, computer images, etc. there can still be down-time as a result of a power interruption.  Do you know which systems are at risk?  Do you know what your business' tolerance is for down-time with each system it uses?  What files might be corrupted by a sudden loss of power, and what will you do to restore the system to production? Be proactive, and... + read more


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