Access Control Systems

Grow your system one door at a time.  Because the controller manages a single door, the only wiring from the door is a single standard CAT5 cable to the nearest switch and doors can be added anywhere the corporate network goes, we make it very easy and cost effective to build a system one door at a time.

Intelli-M Access Control offers the ultimate in scalability, flexibility and power making it a breeze to add doors to an existing Intelli-M system one at a time and grow the system to a virtually unlimited size.  With a built-in web interface to the eIDC can function as a fully self-contained access control solution for a one door application.  With the browser based, highly scalable Intelli-M Access software, Intelli-M is the ideal solution for systems with hundreds of doors deployed throughout a multi-building campus environment, or multiple locations throughout the world.

The eIDC32 DC (Ethernet Enabled Integrated Door Controller), brilliant in design, powerful and simple to use. Just install one controller per door, connect it to the network, configure and you're done.

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