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We offer everything you need for web-based collaboration, B2B, ecommerce, basic web presence, simply informational site, or sophisticated web-based applications.  We use all of the current technologies to build the right web application for you. ASP.NET, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Content Management Systems, Microsoft SharePoint, Flash, and various back-end database technologies.  Whatever it takes, we've got it!

How is your business leveraging the web today?

intranetIntranet (Internal Staff) Websites/Web Applications

It's amazing how technology has evolved from the old days of sharing organized files in a folder on a server or other workstation computer.  Most companies have field personnel such as sales and service people who are on the road most of the day.  Depending on many options for their internet access (Laptops and free WiFi Hot Spots, Home, Mobile Broadband, etc.) they can check in with the office throughout the day, complete reports, access files prepared and/or updated by office personnel, etc. all through various web-based collaboration solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, or your own custom application for handling "Job/Service Tickets - Work Orders", Sales Lead Tracking CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Time Sheets, Tracking Billable Time, Submitting Support Requests, Submitting Orders, etc.

Restaurants often have a 'public facing' web application for ordering, and an internal application for order processing.  Service Industries usually have a work order system and technicians close the tickets as they complete them, with detailed documentation.  If your business needs it, we can work with you to design a custom solution, and make it happen!


web applicationsExtranet (Vendors/Customers) Websites/Web Applications

Whether it's sharing information with your vendor, submitting electronic orders (EDI), paying via EFT, etc. we can certainly help with optimizing vendor relationships.  There are usually residual benefits to these projects like discounts for fast payment, rebates for providing data, etc.  Many business today have 'eStores' where customers can place orders, and access other information regarding their account.  Can your customer still place orders with you even when no one is in to answer the phone?  Can your business service a greater market base if it can gain exposure to it?  Reach out and sell someone something today!


websitesInternet (Public) Websites/Web Applications

Leveraging the internet starts with building an informative site about your business and its place in your industry.  It can be very helpful to provide 'value-added services' such as 'community information' to increase traffic to your site.  Offering knowledge in and about your industry can often put you in the lead in the race with your competitors.  Your customer will often be looking for helpful information as well as your product or service itself.  Make sure they find that on your website, and subsequently, they'll find you!

Build a site.  Build a presence.  Build a community. 

Dominate your industry!


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Deeply rooted in technology and customer service, is focused on your business process.  They can handle your current process, and improve it.  Whether it's a standard or custom solution, They'll help move your company into a more strategic and efficient position.

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