IT Consulting

When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, it’s hard to make sense of all the options. Capital Technology Solutions does more than just sell technology – we combine IT and small business consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to your real business challenges.  Capital Technology Solutions’ IT consulting service is perfect for companies with less than 50 employees due to our ability to respond quickly and offer affordable pricing.

With IT Consulting from Capital Technology Solutions, you can expect:

  • Vendor-agnostic solutions – based on known technology standards and best practices
  • Technology and business acumen – a unique mix often missing from other providers
  • Full IT Services – including planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management

Capital Technology Solutions, LLC. becomes a virtual extension of our clients’ businesses, helping them develop and maintain a technology strategy that aligns with their business needs and goals.


Network Design

Network design is key in building for growth.  Without good planning for growth, a business can reach a point where the network must be completely reworked to reach the next level of company growth.  Don't break the stride of your business - Plan ahead today for where you want to be tomorrow!

Network Security

In today's technologically advanced world, computers play a dominant role.  No matter what your position at work, it is likely that you may either use a computer or any other related state of the art devices to do your job.  The importance of computer is further enhanced by increased usage of the internet.  However, it is important to ensure that while you use the internet you also maintain the good health of the device that has been used for connecting to the web.  It is estimated that when you connect your computer network to the internet, you are physically linking your computer to over 50,000 unfamiliar networks as well as their users.

Despite the fact that it can open avenues to a number of useful applications and provide options for information sharing, many of the private networks consist of certain information that should not be shared with outside users on the web, which may sometimes result in application layer attacks, IP spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, password attacks, and man in the middle attacks.

Securing your network against intrusion and/or attacks is vital to your business!

Server Configuration & Deployment

We have years of experience overhauling infrastructure, configuring and deploying servers, and facilitating systems to optimize the effeciency and performance of businesses.  With certifications from vendors such as Microsoft, in addition to experience, you can rely on us to get the job done right for you.

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling is building telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems that all adhere to industry standard specifications.  Building or upgrading an infrastructure using a structured cabling system will insure years of stability, ease of troubleshooting, and reliable voice/data communication as desired.  Structured cabling is also highly recommended to allow for ease of expandability as needed.

Centralized Management

If your business has staff to manage I.T., we can help optimize that area for them by insuring that they have the tools to do it effeciently.  If you do not have I.T. staff, we can still put those tools in place and manage the network for you on an regular basis, and by cost effective at it by having it set up for centralized management.  We can get one of our consultants started on this vital project for you right away!

Data Back-Up

Don't leave it to any employee to insure that the backup tape gets changed, and just leave it at that.  Back-ups are only good if you've tested and verified that you can restore them.  Sometimes back-ups fail, or otherwise write errors to the logs.  That person changing the tape should also be checking the logs and resolving issues when particular files are not backed up.  Tape drives are quickly fading into history with current offerings in offsite storage over the internet, inexpensive local storage on your local network, and other forms of removable media.  Windows Server 2008 has a completely different back-up program than earlier versions that easily supported tape drives.  Our consultants can evaluate your needs and recommend a backup strategy that will meet your needs now and going forward.  The time to update your backup system is now!

Remote Access

Remote Access can be useful for key personnel to gain access to systems at the office from offsite (home or elsewhere) in order to provide support when it is needed.  Likewise network/system administrators (or consultants like us) can provide faster response to issues, and more cost efficient routine service.  We can also facilitate telecommuters/teleworkers (employees who work from home) as needed.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Whether it's a few employees working from home in the Evansville area, a few branch offices surrounding the Evansville area, or a world-wide corporation, a VPN can be a fantastic and secure solution for keeping an organization connected to all of its' people.  It can also be a major source of frustration and support calls, if it's not configured properly.  Don't let a good thing go badly, we can make sure that it is right!

Virus Protection

Keep your defenses up!  sometimes it takes more time and effort to get rid of a virus than it would take to just reload the system from scratch.  However, if the virus spreads to several computers on your network, it can and will be expensive to get it all cleaned up.  Don't let this happen to you.  Our consultants can help you take every possible proactive measure to prevent this kind of disaster.

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